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Most people fail to find success as a writer, because most writing instruction is too complex.


By helping the world tell better stories, we’ll make the world a better place.


To help anyone, anywhere tell their story and make a living from their writing.

Core Values:

Here’s what we believe will make us the best writing instruction company in the world.

1. Student Obsessed

What’s best for the student is best for everyone.

2. Long Term Thinking

We make short term sacrifices for your long term success as a writer.

3. Excruciatingly High Standards

Great is nowhere near good enough when it comes to helping our students.

4. Go ALL In

Commit fully, work hard, take initiative and get things done.

5. Servant Mentality

Our main priority is to serve our students and help them succeed.

6. World Class Instruction

Our instruction is best in class, no exceptions.

7. Simplify and Make Easy

We take complex subjects and make them easy for anyone to grasp.

8. Personal Excellence

We give every task our personal best, nothing less.

9. Continually Improve

Be relentless in improving and expanding our services to students.

10. Think Big

Think big to get big. Life is too short to think small.